World Records, Gold Medals, Flying Dutchmen, and Honeybadgers Oh Myy!

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It seemed like such an impossible thing. Shoot 60 arrows, 3 shots, stop, repeat. Do it at 18 meters (20yds) at a target roughly the size of a dime. Dont miss… Ever. Oh, and you’re on the clock, and the best in the world are here watching you, trying to do the same – Lars the internet trick shooter has nothing on how hard this really is. Nothing.
Ready?, Set!,.. Shoot…!!

On one hand we as archers believe and dream that it’s actually possible, but on the other we realize that it seems as likely as hitting the lottery. So many things have to be just right, not one single waver in the force can be tolerated. Oh sure collectively we’ve taken guesses at who we thought could do it, or who would do it first. Jesse, Dave, Reo, Chance? Or would it be one of the europeans? Or in what similar game it might have actually happened. But when Mike Schloesser ACTUALLY did it in World Cup competition he hit a new high in archery world history. They will call him Mr. Perfect…the first one ever. A name truly earned. The ripple effect will be felt for years in our game but it will also hit like a tsunami when he lands in Vegas this week to defend his title and go for 2 in a row. It’ll be interesting and exciting to watch it all unfold.

Looking back at the tournament, I think it’s kind of neat that Mike came up against Reo Wilde for the Gold after he set the new World Record with a perfect 600. It’s fitting in that Reo is the only other person I’ve personally seen shoot 60 straight baby X’s in competition. I was on the line with him just a few lanes away when he did it at the Lancaster Classic a couple years back. It was impressive and humbling to watch. Seriously. I’ve seen a bunch of close ones since, Jesse Broadwater, Scott Starnes just to name drop a couple. But never the elusive 60X.
However, I cant even wrap my head around how much more impressive Mike’s achievement is because of the World Stage, and the pressure of World Records and all the pomp and circumstance in Nimes that goes along with it. It’s like a festival with lights, and dancers, and music…lots of distraction and pressure.
Because of the history of such a rare event, I knew that this match would go down as a real battle. Both have won Vegas (Mike in 2014) Reo multiple times. Both have world records, both have won on the biggest stages in archery… this would be a battle of the proven veteran up against one of the hottest shots on the line today.

We were not disappointed in the run to the Gold…. and now I can hardly wait till Vegas. I wonder if this will be the year we will be treated to the first 90x qualifier? Or will we see an upset in the end? To bad we cant get the oddsmakers to lay a line on the shoot. I for one would be doubling down and letting it ride on the Flying Dutchman, Mr. Perfect, or Mike… a stunning archer by any name.
How about you? How would you bet??

See you in Vegas!

Enjoy the match!


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