I’m always a fan of cool ink or skin art, especially as it relates to archery, hunting, animals and the outdoors.

I get especially geeked about archery tats tho! So when a friend asked recently if I had any cool archery tattoos for an article she was working on for Archery360 I was more than eager to oblige because I have what I think is a really cool one…(see above)

I sent a couple images and my story to Brandi Megan Granett (formerly Scollins-Mantha) and waited to see what would come of it. Imagine my cool surprise when she sent a link to the first story in Archery360 and now it’s been picked up by HuffingtonPost.

I’m not sure how cool it is in reality or how much of a big deal it is for me, but for Brandi, I’m pretty excited. It’s very cool to see her hard work payoff… Click on her name above, follow her and watch for more. She writes very cool stuff for archery.
You can also follow Archery360 to read all sorts of cool story and announcements about archery as well!

Heres the link to the Huffington Post for Brandi’s article, take a read, get inspired, fling some arrows and go sketch something cool for your next piece of personal art!!!
See you on the line!


Archery Tattoos: Bow and Arrow Ink

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