PSE Archery – The 2015 Lineup

PSE 2015 Catalog Launch

It was just a few days ago that PSE Archery took the lead and announced their 2015 lineup ahead of all other major lines. I havent had a chance to get my hands on all of them yet but …cant wait!

Heres a link to the new catelog, and a couple quick thoughts as I flipped through. More to come as I see and shoot the rest of the line.


Taking a look at the new book we can see that there are 7 new or reconfigured bows to the Pro line, and 6 new ones in the Mainline.

It seems the engineers really took heed of the shooters requests and made additional cam options on the target lineup and really put the gas to the speed bows. For that you’ll take a look at the Full Throttle at 370fps, and the new DreamSeason Decree using the all new Inertia cam at 355fps. Also a new HyperDrive cam for the Source and Premonition are getting very high marks in the early opinion polls.

In the target lineup no new risers but there are cam additions to the Dominator now using the MD or ME cams, and Dominator 3D offers the DC or ME. These are setups that I’ve been shooting since midsummer and I can attest to the really great feel of the MD cams on those rigs.

Looking in the Mainline list there are 3 new BowMadness rigs at 30″, 32″, and 34″ ATA respectively to fit any stature, any hunting or 3-D situation. It’s a brand new easy to adjust modular cam on a forged riser for stability blistering your shots out there at 342fps.

Moving into the Crossbow section some new setups take their place on the pages next to the Tac lineup, specifically the Drury Brothers felt so confident in the new line they have their own RDX 365. A high end custom machined unit featuring reverse cam cycles and a 3lb precision trigger. I’m pretty sure this is going to be a new addition to my personal hunting lineup!

It’ll be an exciting time to take a run through all the new ones and get a chance to shoot them! Bring on 2015!!





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