NFAA Pro Archer Reo Wilde Interview – 4-15-13 – ESPN Radio 1570, Classic Hits 106.3

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When you discuss the champions of competitive archery and the best in the game, Reo Wilde is a name that simply must be included in the conversation. He’s established himself as one of the winningest archers in recent history and clearly is a force to be reckoned with on almost any shooting platform. He cemented that fact this past season with an astonishing 17 professional wins.

Reo comes from a long time archery family that once was simply known as The Wilde Bunch. Together they made their impact on the game as one of the most powerful shooting families in decades. He still routinely enjoys the company of his father Dee who shoots in the Pro Senior ranks or brother Logan (also a Pro) at most events on the road. If you’ve had a chance to watch any of his International Competitions your likely to see either one or both of them in the coaches box cheering him on. It’s not uncommon to see he and Logan going head to head to advance or for the win!

Hailing from Pocatello Idaho, Reo worked for UPS for 16 years before turning full time 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Turning the corner to a full time professional has certainly paid off well. This season alone in major

events Reo finished Second at Lancaster, First in Nimes, First in Vegas and made the shoot-off again at NFAA Indoor Nationals making him one of only 6 eligible shooters going for the NFAA Million Dollar payday. It’s his second shot at the million in the last 10 years. He’s also won the Yankton Classic twice in the past so he’s got a good chance.

Having shot in a group with Reo at Outdoor Nationals and sharing the line with him at events over the years I can personally attest to his focus and ability on the range or the line. He simply has a desire to win and perform at his best that will not quit.

Obviously Reo is in it to win it, never doubt that. He’s here to be a part of our game and our industry for a long time to come. He’s earned the respect of his peers and the industry as one of the best in the game and I’m sure we will be seeing him forge ahead at every opportunity.

Take a listen to a couple of great interviews on ESPN Radio KVTK 1570 and Classic Hits 106.3 KVHT , both in Yankton, SD

Thanks Reo! – Congratulations, and heres hoping you cash it for a Million or a brand new Mustang!

Reo’s Interview with the Randy Hammer on Classic Hits 106.3 KVHT

Reo’s interview with John Thayer on ESPN Radio 1570


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