NFAA Pro Archer and Chairman Chuck Cooley – Interview 2013 Yankton Classic, 3-D, and IFAA event – ESPN Radio 1570

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April 19-21 – Yankton Classic and Unmarked 3-D Nationals

April 25-28 – IFAA Indoor World Championships

Lots of really great things happening this coming week for the NFAA. 3 BIG events taking place in the next couple weeks at the Easton Sports Development Center for Archery Excellence in Yankton!

Coming up we have the Dakota Classic which we’ve moved indoors to help drive attendance back up to where it used to be. This year there are 6 archers qualified for the Million Dollar Prize. They’ve shot clean Vegas rounds (900), a perfect 120x’s at Indoor Nationals, and now if one of them shoots a 1200 they win a MILLION Dollars! It’s been very close a couple of times. Maybe tis year now that it’s indoors!

We also will be running the NFAA Unmarked 3-D National Championship the same weekend. It’s always a good turnout and this year we expect it to be no different. The weather this week promises to make it interesting in 10 days or so when it all kicks off but if the sun pops out, it should be great!

Following those 2 events we will also hold the IFAA World Indoor Championships. A 4 day competition using the Blue 5 Spot Face. NFAA Has kicked an additional 1000$ Prize for Top Pros in Compound and Recurve divisions as well!

In support of these events we are blessed to have a corporate sponsor in two of the local radio stations who are helping us to promote them.

Listen daily about 9:00am on the ESPN station then flip over to the FM side about 9:10 or so for the interview there.

Again- LIVE on air interviews from the shooters going for the Million, also Bruce Cull next Tuesday (1570AM) and then next week right before the tournament we will also have some shooters in studio to talk about all of the events.

Special thanks also to Greg Poole for scheduling and arranging the Media events and interview sessions, reaching out to the shooters and in general carrying an awful big load to make this come together.

Each morning there will be Live Interviews that you can listen to online..

I got a head start this morning… you can hear my two interviews by clicking below! Enjoy- and see you on the line!!!


NFAA Yankton Interview: Chuck Cooley & John Thayer ESPN Radio 1570 4.10.13

NFAA Yankton Interview: Chuck Cooley & Randy Hammer 106.3 FM


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