Mtn-Ops Supplements…Living up to the Hype

It’s no secret that a new company has taken an interest in the sportsmen’s realm of nutritional supplements. Especially in the hunting world and if you want to drill it down even further they are specifically going after Archers. I’m almost positive if you are reading this blog, by now you’ve seen an ad, a post, a comment, or a testament for MTNOPS.

I was one of those that fell in that ray of focus. If you’d like to save a read… you should know now that I am a big believer, a huge fan and now I have some Dr’s tests to back up what I believed was true. If I’ve got your interest..then read on and share in my joy and my personal success.

I personally found myself in the position of curiously asking about the lineup while at the Vegas Shoot this past February. I’ve been telling myself for a few years now that I’ve simply got to do something about my weight and health if I want to live past 70 or become a better archer. My Dr. has been on her soap box and warning me about it since 2009.
Back then I had a bit of a spell while hunting that involved getting carted out of the woods, an ER visit, and some stress tests confirming that my heart and body were on more than a full load. If I didn’t change some things soon one or both would revolt. Like most other men my age, and Americans in general… I took heed but only for a while and was right back in the same unhealthy routine.

Fast forward to Feb 2015 when I met Jordan Harbertson from MTNOPS in Vegas. He patiently and politely went through everything I should be and could be doing was genuinely excited about the product line and asked me to reach out when I got home and he would walk me through an order to get me going.
Fair enough I thought…No hard sell, but more of a hey if you’d like to give a go, let me know. So I did just that. After I got back home I called and bought a 30 day supply of Ammo, Renu, Enduro, Men’s Vitamins, and Ox (a testosterone booster). Sure why not I figured? Doc said my T numbers had been low anyway. I’ll try it out, see if it really worked. The cost wasn’t all that bad so it was a meaningful yet affordable test.

Now… thinking ahead a bit I knew my Doc and I had been tracking several markers by blood work to see how I was doing so I made an appt. to get a full workup before I got on the new regimen. This way I could really see if it was hype or help.
There are easily 30 markers that her and I check every 90 days, but for the purposes of this post I want to focus on just a few. Specifically my Weight, my Blood Sugar, my Lipid Profile (cholesterol’s), and Low T.

Going in my tests looked much like they had the last several times, Everything higher than it should be for a 47 y.o. male, in some cases alarmingly high.

Most Important Part, Blood Sugars..

Most Important Part, Blood Sugars..104 down to 87

Test Date – 2/24/15
Weight 231
Height 5’8″
Overall Cholesterol – 219. Normal is under 200 so not awful but way over normal.
HDL Cholesterol – 31. Normal is 40-60 so right in the sweetspot, but could use a down turn.
LDL Cholesterol – **. (Couldnt measure for the last 3 years, Trig’s too high)
Triglycerides – 665. Normal is less than 150 so this is astronomical, and sadly it’s been north of 800.
Glucose – 104. Normal is 70-99, it’s not a fire alarm but Doc starts mentioning diabetes soon after 100.
Testosterone Total – 455. This is a tough call, Normal is 250 to 1100 depending on age. at 47, this is low.
Testosterone Free – 123.3. Normal is 35 to 155. Not a bad number but could be better.

So Overall I was feeling optimistic that it could help, and I was willing to give it a fair shot.

Fast forward through a whole pile of wow! days, numerous posts on FB, Twitter, and InstaGram, dropping weight, buying new pants, feeling 100,000 times better, having energy to shoot my bow, hike a full range easily, focus to work, not flopping on the couch for the weekends and an endless number of analogies that describe how happy I am that I took the chance.

Now, fair and full disclosure… I liked it so much after the first 45 days I asked to be a dealer, and they then asked me to be an ambassador for them. Mutual agreements all around and I kept on keeping on…
Don’t let the contracts skew the reality though. This is quite possibly the best testament to the products I could ever have asked for. The test results from my Dr. who knew nothing about my plan.

The Very Important Cholesterol and Triglycerides Count.

The Very Important Cholesterol and Triglycerides Count. (Tri’s down 40%!!)

Test Date 5/19/15 – 85 days on the program:

Weight 206 – Loss of 25lbs (rough memorial day holiday weekend, was down to 200 flat but hunting camp and 2 BBQ parties did me in).
Height 5’8″
Overall Cholesterol – 168 (down from 219). WOW ! a 51 point drop, 23%
HDL Cholesterol – 25 (down from 31). Another victory!
LDL Cholesterol – 64 (**, remember we couldn’t measure for the last 3 years, Trig’s too high) YES!
Triglycerides – 395 (down from 665) That’s 270 points !!! or a 40% drop. Absolutely mind-blowing.
Glucose – 87 (down from 104). A 16% plunge.
Testosterone Total – 651 (up from 455).  A 44% increase!! I dont feel like the hulk nor do I want to, but I have way more energy and focus
Testosterone Free – 140.6 (up from 123.3). Again, not looking to throw iron around the gym, but the overall attention span, memory, recovery, energy that my body has is remarkable.

I would honestly tell any person looking for physical improvement in their body and mind that MTNOPS is clearly the way to go.
It’s working for me, and all I’m doing is following the plan. I haven’t even gone to the gym yet. This is my no BS testament. The greatest thing for me was having the Doctor’s tests backing what I believed was true. What I hoped was true..a lifestyle shift, a life extending reality.

Now… Phase 2 will be to hit the gym and really see what I can do to ConquerMyUnknown!

See you on the line! (in smaller pants.)

If you’d like more information on MTNOPS you can visit the site here, tell them Chuck sent ya !


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