#IShootForBrooke – With The Real Dave Cousins


I’ve been on the tour and in the archery game for nearly 20 years. I cant even count the number of tragic injuries, terrible stories, bad accidents, and people we’ve lost through the years. Some of them were dear friends, some of them I never knew…This is the case with Brooke. I don’t think I know her or the family. I haven’t shot with her, and I’ve not experienced the joy she clearly must bring to others….but it doesn’t mean she’s not important. It doesn’t mean she didn’t have an impact, as you can clearly see in Dave’s message.

I’ve known Dave my entire career….I have to say, I’ve never seen him moved like this publicly. Never even close. I’ve never seen him cry, or tremble in his words….so she must be a pretty special girl. Heck I even got teary eyed just watching this, so much so that it moved me to take action.

My action is this, I’m asking you to please take a few minutes to watch the video and help if you can with prayers, love, support, or as Dave says… if your in a position to help monetarily it would mean a lot. For him to ask, it’s a really big deal and clearly it would make a huge difference to her family and the situation they are facing. Personally I sent 50$ through the GoFundMe page listed above… I hope you can find a way to help as well.

I posted the link to their page above.
Peace and God Bless..



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