Holding Steady… who really does it?

By March 17, 2015 Youtube Video No Comments

So there is constant chatter among archer of all skill sets and since the dawn of time about who holds better… Chance?, Jesse?, Reo?, Dave?, Erika?? … or is it from the international community because Mike Schloesser just crushed the world record with a perfect 600 (FITA)

No matter how rock steady you are the dot moves… it really does. The question is, does yours move as little as the best in the game, or more?
Either way the goal should be to trust your shot, shoot through the movement and not try and overdrive it or overcontrol it. Get it in the middle, let it float there, execute… it’ll be good.

Now…off I go to work on that little trick because it sure is easier to say it than to do it. How bout you sit back and take a peek at this video by our friends at BowJunky.com
It highlights some of the absolute best shooters in the game and their scope or bow movement. Keep in mind as you watch it the camera is on a tripod and does not move at all. If you perceive movement of the bow, the scope, the bubble…whatever. Thats the movement in the shooter. It’s remarkable.!


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