Benefits of 3-D Archery by PSE’s Dustin Jones

I’ve taken 3-D back up this season myself for several reasons. Most of them supported right here in this blog. I think it also helps a great deal with a different mindset and a different mental approach to the target game. Hopefully by the end of the season that theory will be proved right !

See you on the line! Chuck

Originally posted on PSE Archery Blog:
By Dustin Jones

Spring is here which means that I am getting closer to chasing antelope and elk. Predator hunting is the only season that I’m hunting right now but there is one more season that I look forward to this time of year. I am taking advantage of practicing and participating in the many upcoming 3-D archery shoots.

There is so much you can learn and grow from as a bowhunter by shooting 3-D targets. I’m not saying that shooting a block target is bad or that you should only shoot 3-D targets. When you get the chance to shoot at a life-sized deer, elk, turkey, or any animal you are pursuing, you gain that experience that you otherwise can’t from just a block target. I wanted to share some of the benefits that I have gained.



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